Mixing Console:

-Behringer X32 with S16 digital snake system

-Presonus StudioLive 24:4.2

-Toft ATB32

Digital Converters

Antelope Orion 32

      with custom WireWorld MicroSolstice 110ohm DSUB snakes

      and Platinum Starlight Solid Silver Hi-Speed USB Cable

Apogee Duet 2

Monitoring & Summing

Antelope Satori

      with custom WireWorld MicroSoltice 110ohm DSUB snakes



Dangerous Music

Reverb Processors:

-Bricasti M7

-Lexicon PCM96

Microphone Preamplifiers:

-Earthworks 1024 ZDT

8 pristine jaw-dropping channels

Wireless Vocal Microphone Systems:

Earthworks WL40V digital wireless mic systems

Line 6 XD-V75 digital with headsets and lapels

Sennheiser Evo G3 headsets


Earthworks SR40V-live vocal mics

Earthworks SR40 (matched pairs)

Earthworks SR30-MP

Earthworks M30 omni

Rode S1

Neumann KMS105

Sennheiser 935

Sennheiser 835

Sennheiser 906

Sennheiser 441U

Sennheiser 421

Rode NT4

Wireless Instrument Systems:

Sennheiser Evo-100 G2

body paks with 1/4 cable for wireless guitar or keyboard connections

Line 6 Relay Guitar system

Speakers & Monitors:

Cello Premiere Reference

QSC KW series for Live use

JL Audio Subwoofers


Audeze LCD-2 with custom Clear Cardas cable

Denon AH-2000

Sennheiser HD-25


-WireWorld Gold Eclipse AES Digital Cables

-Cello String Litz Mic Cable

-WireWorld Platinum Electra Hi-Res USB Cable

-Monster Studio Pro Reference 1000 series throughout the entire chain

for live performances

-Shunyata Black Mamba II power chords

-WireWorld Silver Electra Power Conditioning Cords

Stage Snake Cable:

-Mogami Gold Custom 24 Channel

Mastering Equipment:

*Full Cello System built by Mark Levinson*

-Cello Audio Palette MIV Mastering 6 band EQ

-Cello Master Power Supply

-Cello Duet 350 Amplifier

-Cello Premiere Speakers

- Cello String Cables throughout the entire chain.

-Shunyata Hydra Power Conditioning with custom power cables

- Superscope PSD-340 CD-R Burner

- RPG isolation and treatment

-Tascam DA1000 master recorder


-Apple Macbook Pro

i7 Quad Core 2.3mhz 17” 16gb Ram-SSD drives


ProTools 10 & 11

Studio One Pro 2.6

Melodyne Editor & Studio

Waves Mercury Bundle

Lexicon PCM Total Bundle

URS Total Bundle

Brainworx V2



Lighting & Special FX:

Dry Ice Machines



Chauvet ColorBand Pix-M

Chauvet 152b ColorSplash LEDs

Chauvet ColorDash Battens

DMX-Obey series

Chauvet Follow spots


1991 Yamaha Recording Custom Drum Kit with Ziljian K cymbals.

-Potyondi Cast Iron Snare 6.5”x14” Brass hoops and lugs: 6/8” thick shell 50

     The only one of it's kind in the world.

-Potyondi Steel Snare 4"x14"-stunning sound

We here at TheSoundChaser use only the finest playback and mic systems available.  

Our hallmark is breathtaking clarity and unsurpassed vocal and instrumental engineering.

With an unwavering attention to detail, we can take your show to the next level.

We are staffed with certified engineers and professional musicians.

Live recording is one of our specialties.

The Ultimate LIVE rack:

Bricasti M7

Lexicon PCM92

Earthworks 1024 Mic Preamps

Earthworks Wireless Vocal Mics

Line 6 XD-75 digital wireless units

Behringer X32 with digital snake

Graham Alan Leftwich  845-269-1911

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